Our Service

Our ultimate goal is to respond to everyone who comes to our office for advice and treatment by providing an honest recommendation in a gentle, fun and friendly approach.

Although our services are not limited to the following, below is a list of the most common procedures performed at our office:

  • Routine dental examination for new and recurring patients
  • Emergency walk-ins
  • Preventive oral care, sealants, Fluoride application, regular prophylaxis
  • Custom-made mouth guards for bruxism
  • Custom-made sports guard
  • Cosmetic dentistry, bonding, veneers, white fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Pediatric dentistry, baby-bottle issues, nutrition, home care, early tooth loss, space maintainers, habit appliances
  • Tooth extractions and some minor surgeries
  • Missing Teeth replacement, metal-free partials and dentures
  • Implant restorations
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges
  • Gum, other Periodontal Care procedures and root canal treatments.
  • TMJ/TMD assessment and possible referral
"Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!"